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Osteosarcoma in Dogs

What is osteosarcoma? Osteosarcoma is the most common bone tumor in dogs, usually affecting the bones of the extremities of large breeds of dogs. Osteosarcoma is registered in dogs of middle and older age, but it also occurs in young dogs, especially large breeds. Osteosarcoma can develop on any bone of the skeleton, but bones of

Heart Symptoms

A heart attack is a life-threatening condition that can cause permanent damage to your heart.  During a heart attack, when the blood flow supply gets disrupted, within minutes the part of the heart muscle begins to die. Therefore, the sooner you recognise the symptoms of a heart attack followed by an appropriate treatment procedure, the

Blood Cancer Types

Leukemia: Blood cancer is an extraordinarily high number of juveline white blood cells are produced and aggregated in your bone crowding out other healthy blood cells which are essential for a balanced immune system and to mainting a healthy blood flow.  There are four main types of leukemia in blood cancer types: Two major forms of

An App To Make Slum Living Easier

Adolescent girls in the Mumbai slum of Dharavi are battling the daily challenges they face, one mobile app at a time. Tutored on laptops donated by friends of Nawneet Ranjan, a filmmaker who set up a charity in Dharavi, the girls are embracing technology to confront issues ranging from their safety to garbage in the

Online App Helps Police To Save Abducted Girl

An online platform launched by the Chinese police to rescue abducted children, helped to rescue a two-year-old girl, some 32 hours after she was snatched from her parents.

Maneka Gandhi’s proposal on sex determination

The Congress on Tuesday reacted sharply to Union Minister Maneka Gandhi's proposal to make pre-natal sex determination test compulsory to check female foeticide, alleging that Modi government appears "determined to convert 'save the girl child' campaign into 'banish the girl child' movement". Dubbing as "shocking and outlandish" the statement of the Women and Child Development

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